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World of Futsal

Apr 5, 2019

Listen to host, Keith Tozer talk to the Commissioner of the Major Arena Soccer League, Josh Schaub. 

Josh focuses his efforts primarily on general corporate and international Sports and Entertainment Law. Within Sports Law, he works with major, minor, and collegiate leagues and teams all over the world that are seeking ways to operate more efficiently and effectively, increase league revenue and team valuations, and ultimately, grow through high-level legal counsel. The advice Josh gives his clients is rooted in more than a decade of experience in the sports industry. As Commissioner of the Major Arena Soccer League, Commissioner of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, Co-Founder of Da Beauty League, former CEO/Co-Owner of the Joliet Slammers, and Associate Scout at the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, Josh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on all sides of the table to Gutwein Law’s Sports Law practice.